Beach Volleyball

A sun-kissed beach is a beauty beyond compare. The waves sparkle with loveliness and delight. To some, this is ideal for a morning or evening walk. But have you thought of a yoga session with a scene so calm and so fair?


Have you ever thought about how much more fun playing beach volleyball would be on a private beach?

If you answered yes to that question, the Santo Tomás Beach Community is the place for you! Imagine playing at the beach with family and friends…The warm sun above your head, jumping on soft sand and feeling a cool breeze from the sea on the best private beach in Sonora, Mexico—a beach which has few people, and hence, zero cramping. Since you won’t be having to fight the crowds while playing beach volleyball, you won’t have to worry about hitting people with the ball or losing it.

In addition to the wide open space, there are a few other reasons that make volleyball a great choice in activities at Santo Tomás:

  • It can help strengthen relationships. Not only does playing beach volleyball create memories, but it also helps strengthen the bonds between family and friends because of the teamwork involved.
  • It’s great for all levels of athleticism. Whether you want to just hit the ball around with a few people or play a competitive game, you can have a great time playing beach volleyball.
  • It’s a great form of exercise while on vacation. If you exercise regularly and want to maintain that while vacationing at the beach, playing beach volleyball gives you an opportunity to exercise without having to break away from your group.
  • It only requires a ball and a net. Some beach activities require equipment that may take up a lot of space in your vehicle and so may simply not be an option for you, depending on the size of your car and the number of people accompanying you. However, for beach volleyball, all you need is the ball and a net (or even just the ball if you plan to just pass it around).
  • It’s easy to transition to other activities. While playing volleyball on the beach at Santo Tomás Beach, you can take a break and run into the Sea of Cortez to cool off, or as evening approaches, you can put down the ball to go sit by a campfire.

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