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A Day in Santo Tomás

Here is a recent letter we received from a visitor at Santo Tomás: I just returned from being in Mexico for four days. If I’m being completely honest, I was nervous about the trip. I had only been to Mexico one other time for a day trip, during which time I was only in a…

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Top 5 Reasons Santo Tomas is the Best Place for Family Vacation

It can be tough deciding where to go on vacation, especially when the whole family is involved. You want to find somewhere that will be family-friendly, but still classy. A place that feels safe but also has activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. Something affordable, but still entertaining. That being said, here are…

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Can You Drive a Rental Car from the U.S. to Mexico?

If you are taking a trip to Mexico, you may want to drive so that you can have your own transportation throughout the trip. However, you may also prefer to take a rental car instead of your own. If that’s the case, you are going to want to be sure that you are prepared in…

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Where is Santo Tomás?

If you Google “Santo Tomás”, you could get a wide variety of results ranging from housing complexes in Arizona to the Spanish definition of Santo Tomás or the many different businesses, towns and villages in Mexico labeled as “Santo Tomás”. So, we understand if you might be confused about where our Santo Tomás Beach Community…

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Favorable Exchange Rate

We know that many people plan their vacations on a pre-determined budget. Because of that, they may look for various deals on activities they would like to participate in or excursions they would like to go on. They might also try to find inexpensive hotels and airfare. Another area for cutting costs is traveling to…

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Sam’s Club on the way to Santo Tomás

Sometimes it can be a little hectic getting on the road for your vacation and you don’t have time to grab everything you need. Other times, you realize after you’ve already driven an hour or two out of town, that you forgot some important items! Well, thankfully, if that happens when you’re on your way…

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Why Should You Stay In Santo Tomas For Fall Break?

Are you looking for a new way to spend your Fall break? Forget the overcrowded, dirty and dangerous tourist spots and enjoy quality time connecting with your friends or family in our tropical paradise. Santo Tomas, Puerto Penasco in Sonora Mexico offers couples, families, and groups of friends picture-perfect private beaches and loads of activities…

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