About MamaChita's

Our restaurant endearingly embraces the nickname of Tom’s mother, grandmother and great grandmother–Mamachita. Tom’s mother was the pioneer of Santo Tomas. She spent her life bringing Santo Tomas to life and dreamt of the day it would reach its true potential.

Come and enjoy a fusion of traditional Mexican, American (hamburger, etc), cowboy steak, brisket, traditional carne asada and amazingly fresh seafood.



  • Until future notice Mamachita’s Restaurant is now providing only pick up and delivery service 9am to 9pm. There is currently no dine-in at MamaChita’s due to an overabundance of caution regarding the CORVID-19 situation
  • We already have strict cleaning and sanitizing in all of our food preparation processes and have now made additional adjustments to further assure the cleanliness and safety of the meals you purchase at MamaChita’s.


  • Thirsty Thursdays – 2 for 1  Margaritas
  • Want to have a beach bonfire? The restaurant can now provide you with wood as well as set up and clean up after your bonfire for $20 (dollars).

**Check out our new Vegetarian/Vegan menu below

**Catering and Party Services Available

**Please order in advance if you are bringing a large party or have special requests so the restaurant can prepare to have your order ready in a timely manner.