SkyBridge Arizona to Mexico

SkyBridge Arizona

SkyBridge Arizona is Coming: Time to Invest!

Cross-border commerce is about to realize some new and exciting possibilities with the debut of SkyBridge Arizona—a hub for both Mexican and United States customs; the first of its kind! It will be based out of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The airport’s name is fitting, considering that the SkyBridge Arizona project will be a major gateway for the growth of international e-commerce and relations enhancement between the United States and Mexico.

The projected statistics demonstrate the cross-border commerce transformation that will unfold as a result of SkyBridge Arizona:

    • 27% growth each year in air freight between Arizona and Mexico
    • Approximately $650 million in projected air freight trade by 202
    • 17,000 new Arizona jobs created
    • 2,000 more cargo flights out of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway each year (with projected growth reaching 10,000 cargo flights by 2036)

SkyBridge Arizona

Earlier this year, Governor Doug Ducey stated:

“The arrival of SkyBridge Arizona once again proves that our state is a national leader in advancing innovative new ideas. Arizona has forged an incredible relationship with our friends and neighbors in Mexico, and we’re very proud of this latest collaboration to enhance international trade and create more jobs for Arizonans.”

It is apparent that the project will enhance not only business and trade but international ties as well.

In sharing details about the SkyBridge Arizona project, Arizona Commerce Authority reported: “All required documents, inspections, tracking and other services will occur on-site at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The Customs Processing status will follow packages and cargo electronically to their final destinations to any city in Mexico, and eventually further into Central and South America.” This new process will bring reassurance, encouragement, and growth to those currently involved in cross-border commerce between Arizona and Mexico and embolden others to join in on this unprecedented frontier in the world of e-commerce.

The Sea of Cortez International Airport will be participating in the SkyBridge Arizona project and is a short 40-mile drive from Santo Tomas, Mexico. Here at Santo Tomas, we provide a variety of real estate investment options from building the home of your dreams to establishing rentals that will allow you a steady flow of passive income for years to come. With the increased access, security, timeliness, and efficiency that SkyBridge Arizona will provide, there has never been a better time to pursue real estate and other cross-border commerce opportunities in Mexico, than now. Visit today to learn more!

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