Why Beach Workouts Are The Perfect Way To Take A Vacation From Your Exercise Routine

Being on vacation doesn’t mean your workout stays home. A beach circuit workout is a perfect way to start your day.

There are plenty of perks to vacationing near the beach: an extra dose of sunshine, playing in the water, and, of course, exercising on the sand.

Interested is working out on the beach while having fun in sun burning tons of calories and getting into bathing suit shape?

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Types of Beach Work Outs our Personal Trainer offers at Santo Tomas:

Body Weight Workouts

HIIT Training

Beach Cardio Workouts

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What are the benefits of working out on the beach?

Whether you’re jogging or doing a quick circuit training workout, running on the beach is perfect for challenging your body. Here are a few reasons you should consider hitting the beach on your next vacation.

There’s less impact on your body.

Running on the sand has less impact on your body, which makes it easier on your joints.

The sand makes for more resistance.

The tiny grains of sand you sift through your toes create an unstable surface and add resistance to any workout. In other words, sand creates an increase in muscle recruitment and provides a higher calorie burn.

Variety is the spice of life.

You can do virtually any workout on the beach that doesn’t require equipment. The beach is perfect for walking, running, yoga, body weight training, dancing or HIIT.”

It’s fun and functional.

The beach offers a more functional workout because exercising on the sand incorporates the element of balance into every motion. In real life, you must balance your body as you move around, push, pull, and lift things, and traditional gym exercises isolate those movements to focus on just one at a time instead of the holistic way we use our bodies. That’s why the sand is such a diverse surface to challenge your body.

Your core will thank you.

No matter what exercises you do, you will also be working your core as well as all the smaller stabilizing muscles which normally wouldn’t be engaged if you are just doing the exercise inside of a gym. Smaller muscles are crucial to strengthen but usually take a long time because it’s so hard to engage them in a typical gym workout.

You can make every minute count.

The sand provides an added resistance that allows you to have a more intense workout in a shorter period of time.

You’ll get a nice vitamin D boost.

You get a healthy dose of vitamin D when you work out at the beach. But make sure to wear sunscreen, even if you exercise in the morning.

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