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We know that many people plan their vacations on a pre-determined budget. Because of that, they may look for various deals on activities they would like to participate in or excursions they would like to go on. They might also try to find inexpensive hotels and airfare. Another area for cutting costs is traveling to countries where the exchange rate is in their favor. Mexico is one such budget-friendly destination and will typically fit all of these criteria.

Though it fluctuates regularly, as of December 2018, the exchange rate when traveling from the United States to Mexico is 1 United States Doller to about 20 Mexican pesos. So, needless to say, the dollar can go quite a long way when traveling to and vacationing in Mexico. If you talk to people who have regularly vacationed in Mexico, they will typically report that it’s possible to spend the equivalent of only $30 each day for all of your food and daily activities!

While you can use U.S. currency in some of the more touristy areas, you will most likely be charged more for doing so. You’re going to be better of exchanging dollars for pesos if you want to be able to fully take advantage of the favorable exchange rate. All of the major cities in Mexico have places where you’ll be able to exchange U.S. dollars for pesos.

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