Top 5 Reasons Santo Tomas is the Best Place for Family Vacation


It can be tough deciding where to go on vacation, especially when the whole family is involved. You want to find somewhere that will be family-friendly, but still classy. A place that feels safe but also has activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. Something affordable, but still entertaining. That being said, here are 5 reasons Santo Tomas is the best place to family vacation:

Secluded and Quiet

If you prefer to vacation on the beach in an area that doesn’t have all of the crowds, Santo Tomas is the place for you! Santo Tomas is located off the beaten path, about an hour south of Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point). We have miles of secluded beaches, and our community has 24-hour security, so you can be sure to always feel safe. 

Ideal Location

Even though Santo Tomas is secluded, it’s also close to several nearby attractions. Both Rocky Point and Caborca are less than an hour from Santo Tomas, so it’s easy to take part of a day to visit one of those towns and enjoy the various activities available (from markets or farms to ziplining or bike riding).

MamaChita’s Restaurant

We were very excited to open our own onsite restaurant, Mamachita’s, earlier this year. With a wide variety of Mexican, American, and other cuisine types as well as plentiful menu items, there’s bound to be something for everyone in the family to love!

Activities For the Whole Family

You’re going to love all of the activities we have available at Santo Tomas! From horseback riding to paddleboarding to kayaking, we have activities for all types of interests

Luxury Home Rentals

No need to worry about dealing with crowded hotels at Santo Tomas. Enjoy your family getaway in a luxury home rental on the beach. We have several beautiful and traditional homes that provide plenty of space for the whole family. All include A/C, wifi, full kitchen, ocean view, and more!

*Bonus Reason*

Want to enjoy a beach vacation without having to do all the planning? Book a Santo Tomas Retreat! Including yoga, bonfires, horseback riding, massage, and paddleboarding, it’s bound to be the perfect getaway!

Long story short?  Santo Tomas is the perfect family vacation destination. Ready to book your trip? Check out our rental homes to get started!

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